| Gut Health Challenge
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Welcome to the 4 Weeks gut health challenge.

Take this healthy-eating challenge to get your gut in check with good-for-your gut probiotic-rich foods, recipes and tips.

Recipe Planning

Dive into the top foods to eat for gut health, what to avoid, meal plans, tips and more for 30-days of a healthier gut.

I’ve designed this 4 weeks Healthy Gut CHALLENGE to:

Help you understand how the state of your gut impacts your health.
Show you what signs to look for to know if your gut may not be healthy as it should be.

Show you how to heal your gut, and keep it healthy once you do.

The first thing I want to point out is the word DISEASE. Most of us know that it means the absence of health. Let’s look at the actual word more closely for a moment. When we break it down, the word is actually saying DIS – EASE, which means lack of ease or harmony within the body.

When we start to think of the word in this way, we stop having this image that disease swoops down and attacks us… and start thinking of it as something we can prevent. You’ll get:

• Meal plans
• Free Support
• Free Supplements
… and a challenge with others in your group.

Gut Health Challenge Fee

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