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Hi Ya!

I’m Dr. Nse Onyebuchi, a Lifestyle Coach.

Why I started GoodHealth.ng

From my interactions with people, I see a great hunger for knowledge. Daily I meet people trying alternative approaches to medicine, safe practices and otherwise to treat chronic health conditions and I can identify with them.


It is particularly difficult, emotionally and psychologically tasking when it comes to treating chronic health conditions such as cancer, infertility, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, chronic pain or arthritis. These conditions are difficult to treat with orthodox medicine alone, require a life of popping pills daily besides the complications of treatment which are sometimes worse than the disease. I usually advocate the use of lifestyle modification first to tackle the root cause before the pill popping or a combination of the two for better results.


I have been experimenting and researching local food, herbs and lifestyle medicine for over 10 years. This knowledge came in handy five years ago when my mom was diagnosed with cancer head of pancreas.


My friends and family call me herbalist. I first dabbled with natural and wholistic medicine in 2010 in a bid to naturally manage symptoms of type 2 diabetes in my mom; she had become insulin dependent after 25 years of being adequately controlled on oral tabs. I developed a strong interest in 2013 when she was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer head of pancreas and her doctor advised we take her home to die, she was 62 years old. That wasn’t an option for me so I spoke with a couple of colleagues and with various chemo drug reps; no show so I turned to alternative medicine, wholistic living and natural medicine to make each day she had pain free and comfortable.


She had a triple bypass surgery to relieve a blocked gall bladder, used nutrition, dietary supplements, physical therapy, meditation, massage and essential oils to nourish, aid sleep and relief pain respectively. We brewed all sorts of loose tea, herbs, spices, essential oils, dietary supplements from all over the world! At that time, a lot were quite difficult to find locally (thus the birth of the Good Health Online Store).


I studied nutrition, aromatherapy massage therapy etc. to help my mom and people in the same shoes as she was in. We noticed using fermented locust beans – ogili (not a Calabar thing, so she resisted initially) to cook soups helped with digestion and reduced bloating better than the tablet digestive enzymes we bought. I began to notice numerous benefits of nutrition in her life, smooth skin, better sleep, controlled blood sugar and even weight gain (she had lost 20kg in the last 2 years) we forgot about the dying…


Other beneficial practices we adopted were head, neck and back massages as well as hand and foot massage with lavender after a cup of chamomile tea – this aided sleep. If anyone had told me these could work I would never have believed.


We learned to take one day at a time; practiced meditation, positive thinking and some form of gratitude. We managed to keep her alive, pain free and in good condition for 18 months post diagnosis. Then one day she said to me, ‘God has given me the chance to make amends to my life, don’t feel sad that I will die soon’ I was pained … She was looking so well, feeling strong, walking 6,000 steps every evening with me to help me lose weight…and so decides to go back to her home. The rest is history…


On this blog, I share a journey through my experience as a doctor taking care of a mother diagnosed of cancer in a wholistic perspective. I reflect on the lessons learned about social support, art, meditation, health and healing.


My team and I intend to use semi-personalized texts and Whatsapp messages to engage our clients, offer support and encouragement, track their health conditions and activity. We will also provide reliable, natural health information on how to make simple sustainable lifestyle modifications based on the need. You will also be able to chat with a doctor about your food, home remedies, health fears or current natural health research.


With that said, food is medicine and good health begins in the gut; remember no one size fits all. I am here to help. If you have a question that you would like featured in an upcoming blog post, please comment below. Be sure to join our growing community on Facebook by liking our page.

If you require any assistance in choosing the correct product for your health, or if there are any products you would like to purchase and they are not displayed in our store, let me know by calling +2347080218535.


Thank you for visiting my blog.

Wishing you good health and happiness,
Dr Nse O.

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Whether you have a special need or just want to enquire about my services, I encourage you to drop a message here or on any of my social channels. I’ll do my utmost best to get back to you ASAP!

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